Monday, September 15, 2014

The Nile Project: Producing Harmony In A Divided Region

In a quiet park in Kampala, Uganda, 14 musicians from seven East African countries sit together under a tree. They're working on an idea from Ugandan musician Lawrence Okello.
"This is what I would suggest for this piece: That we have a conflict," Okello says to the group. "And then all of us will keep on adding flavors from different cultures, but maintaining the water that flows."
The musicians speak many languages, which means ideas and instructions have to get translated multiple times. They use different rhythms, even different tonal systems. And they play many instruments: Sudanese harps, Kenyan kettle drums, Ethiopian violins, Burundian thumb pianos, Egyptian flutes.  Click the link below to read more

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Ethiopian New Year

We wish to all our readers and   listeners of the weekly radio program a Happy Ethiopian New year. You may listen our radio program every Sunday 7.30PM EST or by dialing 712-432-9790.  No access code is needed.
Our Sunday September 14, 2014 program, presents   special New Year coverage.  Click the link below to listen the whole program.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Egypt paying Ethiopian opposition $ 10 million

An investigative report by a top Diaspora media reveled that Egypt is paying $10 million US dollars annually to   finance to various opposition group in Ethiopia. The special report comes as Ethiopian Prime minister HaileMariam Deasaeign is scheduled to meet Egyptian President Abdul Fetah Al Sisi later this month  to discuss  Ethiopian Egypt  Nile river  usage .   The report by the DC based opposition media “” Ethiopian Review “” revealed that Egypt transfers money to Ethiopia rebels via to Eritrean Government. Some of the Ethiopian anti government rebels currently stationed inside Eretria Including OLF, ETDM , and Ginbot  7. The report stated however that Ginbot 7  lost protection from Asmera which led to three recent abduction Ginbot  7  leader  Ato  Andargachew  Tsege.
The Ethiopian review media also reported that quarter is directly financing and arming ONLF Rebels. AddisAbeaba has previously cut ties Quataer and censored Qatar government media Al  Jazera.  
Analysts  say  Qatar  controversial  media  is known for one sided and high coverage of problems inside Ethiopia with focus  on Muslims  majority  ethnic group  Oromo and Ogaden   This week New York times published extensive background on  Qatar’s   role in terrorist fund  raising and its use of Al-Jazeera media to empower radical Islamic militarism world wide.  Source (Somaliland press)

September 7, 2014 Ethiopian This Week weekly Radio Program

Nento Poetic Jazz poem presents   Berket Belaineh Jazz poem by the title Godanew!! The program was recorded at the National Theater in Addis when the Nento Jazz club celebrated their 3rd year anniversary.  Click the link below to listen the program.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ethiopian taxi driver killed by another Ethiopian in Atlanta suburb

A 53-year-old Gwinnett County man was trying to break up a domestic dispute outside his taxi when he was shot and killed, police said Monday. Aidarous Abdella, of Lilburn, had driven Elizabeth MeKonnen, 29, to the Tucker area to meet her boyfriend early Sunday, according to Gwinnett police. When MeKonnen got out of the taxi, she and her boyfriend, Henok Haile Basore, 34, of Norcross, began arguing. When Basore allegedly pulled out a gun, Abdella tried to stop the fight, Cpl. Ed Ritter said. “The victim, Mr. Abdella, attempted to intervene between the two and was subsequently shot by Mr. Basore, who fled the scene after the shooting,” Ritter said in an emailed statement. Abdella was dead outside his taxi when emergency responders arrived to the 1300 block of Branch Drive, shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday. He had been shot in the head, police said. Basore was located several hours later and was charged with felony murder and aggravated assault, Ritter said. Basore was transported to the Gwinnett jail, where he remained Monday afternoon without bond, booking records showed. MeKonnen was also arrested and charged with making false statements and obstruction, Ritter said. She also remained jailed without bond. Source (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)